Company History

Sep Nihon Denkei Co., Ltd. is founded with a capital of ¥300,000
Nov Capital increase made to ¥100,000,000
Mar Capital increase to ¥206,710,000
Sep Branch office established in Singapore
Mar Capital increase to ¥704,670,000
Oct Stock is registered by JSDA (Japan Securities Dealers Association)
to be traded over-the-counter.
Capital increase to ¥1,159,170,000
Jul In Malaysia, an affiliated company is established 
May Established In Thailand, an af filiated company (currently a
consolidated subsidiary)
Apr Acquires capital in Intec Keisoku Co., Ltd.
Oct ISO9001 certification is granted to Head Office's sales division,
offices in Tokyo, Tokyo South, Tama and Atsugi
Aug An affiliated company in Korea (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Dec ISO14001: Head Office (sales and administration divisions) is
Aug Acquires Alpha Science, Inc to open Mishima sales office
Dec Stock is listed on the JASDAQ
Mar Acquires Aikoh Engineering Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
Apr Acquires Intec Keisoku Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
Oct Branch offices in China and Taiwan and a representative office in
Nov Branch offices in Hanoi (Vietnam), Hanzhou, Xiamen (China) and
Busan (Korea)
Jan Nihon Denkei ( Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd. established 
Feb A branch office established in Leam Chabang, Thailand
Jun Acquires System Keisoku Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
Jul Qingdao representative office established in China
Aug Nihon Denkei Vietnam Co.,Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
and a Malaysian representative office in Penang establised
Oct Denkei Science Technology Research Development (Shanghai)
Co.,Ltd. established (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Nov ISO17025 certificate received at Denkei Singapore branch office
2007  Jun Denkei Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is established , taking over Shanghai Denkei Measurement Facility
Jul Acquires Kazama Denki Kogyo, Inc. to establish Niigata and
Nagaoka offices
Oct Representative offices in Manila
(Philippines), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and , a liaison
office in Los Angeles are established
Nov Acquires Ui Corporation as a consolidated subsidiary
Dec In Jakarta (Indonesia), a representative office established
Mar Nihon Denkei India Private Ltd. established 
Apr Changchun branch of fice established under Denkei Trading
"New business promotion offices" (New Energy, FA / automated
system and EMC/EMI) established in the Head Office
Dec A showroom/ store "Measuring Instrument World" opened in Tokyo
ISO9001: Nagoya and Kariya offices certified
Sep Obtains special construction license from Governor of Tokyo (SP-21,
Issued No. 133211)
Oct Bangalore (India) Satellite office established
Sep Dongguan branch established by Denkei Trading (Shanghai)
2011  Apr Chengdu and Wuhan branch offices established by Denkei Trading
Nov Indonesian office registered as a sales subsidiary, upgrading a
representative office
Apr Taiwan office established as a sales subsidiary, being converted
from a representative office
Aug Chongqing office established by Denkei Trading (Shanghai)
Oct Nanjing office established by Denkei Trading (Shanghai)
July Chagshu office established by Denkei Trading (Shanghai)
Nov Chennai office established
Jan Philippines office established as a sales subsidiary, being converted from a representative office.

Contact Us (Bangkok)

Bangkok Office (Head Office)

  • Nihon Denkei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • 43 Thai CC Tower, 30th Fl.,
    Room 304-305, South Sathorn Rd., Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand.
  • Tel: 02-675-5688-91
  • Fax: 02-675-5692

Contact Us (Laemchabang)

Laemchabang Office (Branch)

  • Room No.6B03, Harbor Mall, 4/222 Moo 10, Sukhumvit Road, Tungsukhla, Sriracha, Chonburi 20230 Thailand.
  • Tel: 038-495-186-7
  • Fax: 038-492-725




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